Jack the Resident

There’s a surgical resident who hangs out in the smoke pit sometimes with the rest of us volunteers.  He’s got the nickname Jangling Jack, though I’ve got no clue why.

Anyway, Jack and I got to talking today, and he says he might have something that’ll help me with my classes.  I told him I was desperate enough to start selling my body to old ladies.

“Don’t quit your day job,” he said, smirking as he flicked his cigarette butt away.  “Come and see me tomorrow, I’ll bring the book in.”

“Dude, the last thing I need is another book to study.”

“I think you’ll find this book is a lot easier to understand.  Call it A Frog’s Guide to Practicing Medicine.”
He waved goodbye and headed back inside.  As he waved, I noticed his hand was burned, like he’d just pulled it out of a pot of boiling water.

I just finished my hours at the hospital.  I should study, but what the hell.  Call of Duty time!  Peace out, bitches.


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