I think I’m falling for you

Whoo!  I think today has been the most fun I’ve had since Tis died!  It was me and the little Asian chick today on those platform dealies.  We started on opposite sides, the ground floating and weaving and making me a little queasy.

The whistle was blown, so to speak.  I mean, there’s not really been a whistle, it’s just kind of when everyone shows up, we just *know* when to start.

The great thing about this tail is that it doesn’t have to be a tail.  Yeah, I rock the tail most of the time because it’s great for getting around, but it doesn’t really lend itself to jumping.  That’s where the legs come in.  Tail- I’m across the platform in a heartbeat!  Legs- I’m jumping to the next one!  Tail- wham! Legs- blam!

Meanwhile, the little Japanime girl is having trouble making the jumps.  I thought for sure she would fly through the air with some ridiculous kung-fu skills or something.  I thought this thing was in the bag.  Then she whipped out her knives.

Not cool, lady.  I only like knives when I’m on the non-pointy end!  It’s difficult to dodge when you’re mid-jump.  She nicked me a couple of times, so I was kinda bleeding already when I caught up with her.

Then the fucking sword.  She just waved that thing at me and there were grooves in the ground and gravel flying in my eyes and oh god, that was my hand flying off into the empty space below us.  Bitch cut my hand off!  BITCH CUT MY HAND OFF!

I backed off, trying to regroup, but she came after me.  Shifting on the move is a bitch, but I ducked one of her swings and launched off into space….

Landed, rolled, jumped again.  And again.  Clutching my hand to my chest.  Son of a bitch.

The fourth or fifth jump I didn’t feel the sword cutting the air behind me.  I turned back and there was nothing.  I didn’t see her anywhere.  I finally caught sight of the pale fingers desperately clutching the edge of the platform.  Hah!  Take that, tiny normal human legs!

I jumped back to the other platform and peered over the edge.  Her eyes were wild and frantic.  So awesome.  She waved the sword and half the platform went tumbling off into space.

“Help me!”

“Drop the sword.”  I crouched down and stared at her, unblinking.  Handy bit of snake-indimidation, that.  She scowled at me, but when her fingers started to slip, she sure dropped that sword lickety-split and reached the hand holding it up to me.

I grinned at her.  “Did you really think I was serious?”  She let out a scream of rage and went for her knives, but I stepped out of range and waited for the little white fingers to lose their grip.  Her dwindling screams were like the best music I’d ever heard.

Hearts are fixing up the hand now.  It’s growing out of the stump, so I’ve got a little tiny baby hand on the end of my arm.  It should be done growing tomorrow, which is probably when I’m going to face off against the other girl.


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