So let me explain my line of thinking here.  The food is free, I don’t have to watch my back when I sleep, and the game is postponed until the Game Master dude takes care of whatever he needs to take care of.

Meanwhile I’ve got these points built up from when it was still a free-for-all, and pretty much I’m buying whatever the hell I want to get ready for the fight ahead.  I’m thirty points shy of a grenade launcher, but I have enough for about ten or so grenades.

Then it hits me.  I know where to find a grenade launcher!  So I head down to the stables where that stupid horse is because I’m hoping she’s dumb enough to hide it in the same spot.

Yeah, she’s dumb enough, all right.  Dumb like a fox.  She’s decided to sleep in the stables with the mangy horse.  I wandered in and tried to cover for myself by saying I wanted to pet the thing ’cause I’d never seen a horse before.  We both knew I was lying, but I reached out to pet the thing anyway.

Then it bit me.  It’s a demon horse, is what it is.  Horses aren’t supposed to have pointy teeth like that.  He bit through my hand and nearly took my pinky off.  I just finished regrowing this hand, dammit!

Stupid fucking horse.


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