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Came up on a hive of Jack Frost’s  children.  Damn kids popped up out of nowhere.

Hauled Blair up on Windmill and tore up turf escaping.  Windmill’s a cold beast hisself, so their grabby little hands didn’t bother him none.
But they caught sight of us now, won’t be no escape.

Told Blair what to do.  Gave the kid baby Samantha’s scarf and plonked my hat down on the kid’s head.

Breath is showing like smoke in the cold air.  The laughter is coming for me.  Made my peace and said my goodbyes.  Be seeing my loved ones shortly.

Don’t cry for me, Blair.  You’re stronger than you think.


Found a strange machine last night.  Came with a little red bow.  Suspect that red lightskirt left it there.  Blair helped me puzzle out the book what came with it.  Guess it’s called a “grenade launcher.”

Test-fired it at a tree.  Splinters everywhere now, and Windmill spooked so bad it took near two hours to calm him down.

Only came with three grenades.  Fired the one and figured we’d save the other two for the Hanging Man.  Woke up with three.  Tracking down the Hanging Man now.  Monster’s leaving a trail of bodies, purple-faced, swollen and broken.  Other bodies too, from other monsters.  Slashed to bits, crushed, torn apart.

Spending too much time around monsters.  Starting to forget what being human is.  Only Blair and a small bit of silver to remind me.


Blair is going to win this game.  Kid’s still whole enough, the only one who’s got any hope of staying sane.

Winning’s not an option for me.  Not no how, not no way.  Baby Samantha’s never getting her winter set.  Hat’s too small, but scarf’s long enough for Blair.

Nice tight twist to the yarn, tension’s good and strong.  Strong enough to end a man’s life.  Gotta remember to tell her to tuck the ends under her shirt so they don’t get caught on anything.  Or by anyone.


Though the death would end eventually.  But it seems like there’s no end to the players.  Every time I turn around someone’s trying to take my head.  No time to mourn folks I hardly knew.  No time to grieve for those who I’d never met.

No sign of the Hanging Man.  Shops had them “frag grenades” someone mentioned earlier.  Five bodies for the cost of one.  Three bodies for a can of gasoline and some matches.  Think that’s the way to go.

Working on Blair’s skills with the rifle.  Kid doesn’t question where the ammo comes from.  Like to keep that a secret as long as possible.


Been expecting the attack for the past few days.  Surprised it took him so long.

The Hanging Man may be good with a rope, but aim don’t count for much when you’re being dragged along behind a horse that runs as fast as Windmill.  Gave me a start when the noose came.  Just barely missed Windmill’s neck-thank goodness. My horse is built for strength but I don’t know if he could handle the weight of a full-grown man around his neck.

The loop caught ’round his leg instead, meaning the Hanging Man’s own knots counted against him.  Ambrose and Blair were just over the next ridge, but…

Sometimes meanness deserves meanness and that bastard better be thankful I hadn’t found any cacti around these parts.  All the same he went over every bump and ridge I could find.  Some of them twice.  Or three times.

Pulled Windmill even with Ambrose and Blair’s campfire.  Jumped down and-

“Fire’s out.”

Turned and they’d already sprang out from cover, ready to finish the job I’d started.

Then it all went to hell.


Laying low for the time being.  Spotted a lot of activity south of here.  Ragtag group of wild-eyed psychos murdering for sport.

Glint of silver on my wrist.  Reminds me to fight.  For two sad, scared kids who couldn’t understand what evil was.

And maybe for a strong kid who was ready to fight back.  And an old fool who hasn’t got a lick of common sense.